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Meet our NESTLEVEL Digital guests

Aude Gandon

Nestlé Global
Chief Marketing Officer 

Barbara Arimont

Nestlé Global
Head of Talent 

Chris Wright

Nestlé Global
Head of IT & Chief
Information Officer 

Corinne Emonet

Nestlé Global
Head of R&D Innovation

Kais Marzouki

CEO of Nestlé

Mauricio Alarcón

CEO of Nestlé
Central-West Africa Region 

Antonia Wanner

Nestlé Group
Head of ESG,
Sustainability Strategy & Deployment

Jordi Bosch

Nestlé Global
Head of Sales & Customers 

Nicole Roos

CEO of Nestlé
East & Southern Africa Region

Nadia Louis

Zone Head of Digital &
eCommerce, Nestlé Asia,
Oceania & Africa

Suresh Narayanan

CEO of Nestlé
South Asia Region

Yasser AbdulMalak

 CEO of Nestlé
Middle East & North Africa

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